Spring surf training

Spring surf training: experience surfing in a new way

Spring is approaching and with it the anticipation of long days on the beach and the first waves of the season. Spring surf training is the perfect time to refine your technique, build up your fitness and start the new surf season mentally fresh. In this article, you’ll find out how to optimize your spring surf training to shine on the waves.

Creating the basis

1. physical preparation

A fit body is essential for surfing. Start with a mix of endurance and strength training. Jogging, swimming or cycling will improve your basic fitness, while targeted strength training for your arms, legs and core will give you the necessary power and balance on the board.

2. flexibility and balance

Yoga and Pilates are excellent methods for increasing flexibility and improving balance. Both skills are crucial to survive on the waves.

3. technical fine-tuning

Use quieter days or the swimming pool to work on your paddling technique and balance on the board. Dry exercises at home can also be helpful.

Mental preparation

Surfing is not only physically demanding, but also mentally challenging. Visualization techniques and the mental adjustment to different wave conditions help you to enter the water confidently and relaxed.

Nutrition and recovery

A balanced diet supports your body during training and regeneration. Pay particular attention to getting enough protein, healthy fats and hydration. It is equally important to get enough sleep to recharge your physical and mental batteries.

Practical tips for the water

1. start slowly

Give your body and mind time to get used to the conditions in the water. Start with smaller waves and increase slowly.

2. safety first

Respect the forces of nature and observe the safety rules in the water. A good wetsuit protects you from the cold and provides buoyancy.

3. learn from every wave

Every wave and every ride offers the chance to learn. Analyze what went well and where you can improve.


The spring surf training lays the foundation for a successful and enjoyable surfing season. By combining physical preparation, mental strength and practical experience in the water, you can take your skills to a new level. Use the energy of spring to start the surfing season with motivation and joy.

Further resources

With the right preparation plan, spring surf training will not only improve your performance, but also reignite the fun of surfing.

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