Optimal training routines for outdoor swimming in spring

Optimal training routines for outdoor swimming in spring

With the first warm rays of sunshine of the year, the preparation time for the new season begins for many outdoor swimmers. Swimming outdoors with a wetsuit is particularly demanding in terms of preparation. This article will guide you through effective training routines to prepare you optimally for outdoor swimming in spring.

Introduction to the spring season

Swimming in open water is not just a question of fitness, but also of adapting to colder temperatures and wearing a wetsuit. The right training routines can ease the transition and boost your performance.

Basics of preparation

1. condition build-up

Start with general endurance training before you go into the water. Running, cycling or even cross-country skiing are excellent ways to increase your basic fitness.

2. acclimatization to colder water

Short, regular swimming sessions in cooler water will prepare your body for the conditions that await you in spring. Start with two to three sessions per week.

3. technique training with wetsuit

The wetsuit changes your swimming technique. Practice in the pool with your suit to get used to the change in buoyancy and freedom of movement.

Specific training routines

1. endurance training

Two long-distance sessions per week are essential to increase your endurance. Vary between calm continuous swimming and interval units.

2. strength and flexibility

Supplement your swimming training with targeted strength exercises and stretching. Core stability and shoulder mobility are particularly important for swimmers.

3. mental preparation

Visualization techniques and breathing exercises can help to build mental strength and cope better with the cold.


Proper preparation for the spring outdoor swimming season requires a combination of fitness training, acclimatization to the colder conditions and technical adaptation to the wetsuit. With the training routines presented here, you are ideally equipped to master the challenges of open water swimming in spring.

Resources for your preparation

With the right training routines and a positive attitude, nothing stands in the way of a successful outdoor swimming season in spring.

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