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Preparation guide for swimmers, surfers and divers: summer is calling!

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a longing for sun, beach and sea. For passionate water sports enthusiasts such as swimmers, surfers and divers, this means it’s time to get ready to enjoy the warm season to the full. This guide offers you valuable tips and checklists for the perfect summer


Diving into monofin swimming: a beginner’s guide

Monofin Swimming, a fascinating water sport, combines the elegance of swimming with the efficiency and speed of marine animals. For beginners in Monofin Swimming, a world of possibilities opens up, not only in terms of fitness and swimming technique, but also in discovering the pure pleasure of experiencing the water in a completely new way.


Happy Easter on the water: 3 original water sports activities

Die Osterfeiertage stehen vor der Tür, und was gibt es Schöneres, als diese besondere Zeit am Wasser zu verbringen? Wenn du nach einer kreativen Möglichkeit suchst, die Feiertage zu genießen und gleichzeitig aktiv zu bleiben, haben wir genau das Richtige für dich. Hier sind drei originelle Wassersportaktivitäten, die deine Ostern unvergesslich machen werden. Paddel-Ostereiersuche Warum

Optimal training routines for outdoor swimming in spring

Optimal training routines for outdoor swimming in spring With the first warm rays of sunshine of the year, the preparation time for the new season begins for many outdoor swimmers. Swimming outdoors with a wetsuit is particularly demanding in terms of preparation. This article will guide you through effective training routines to prepare you optimally