Preparation guide for swimmers, surfers and divers: summer is calling!

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a longing for sun, beach and sea. For passionate water sports enthusiasts such as swimmers, surfers and divers, this means it’s time to get ready to enjoy the warm season to the full. This guide offers you valuable tips and checklists for the perfect summer preparation for water sports.

Checklist for swimmers:

  1. Check your equipment: make sure your swimming goggles are tight and your swimwear still fits.
  2. Safety first: A first aid kit and sun protection should not be missing in your bag.
  3. Train: Start regular swimming training in spring to improve your fitness.
Surfer on the waves
Surfer on the waves

Surfer preparation:

  1. Maintenance of the equipment: Inspection of your surfboard for damage and repair or wax refreshing if necessary.
  2. Weather and waves: Find out about local weather conditions and wave forecasts.
  3. Fitness: Strengthen your core muscles to improve your balance and endurance on the board.

Diver checklist:

  1. Equipment check: Check wetsuit, fins, mask and regulator for functionality.
  2. Health check: A medical examination before the season can minimize risks when diving.
  3. Plan your dives: Find out about dive sites and discuss plans with your dive buddy or club.

Common tips for all water sports enthusiasts:

  • Environmental awareness: Take care to protect the marine environment and don’t leave any garbage behind.
  • Networking: Join communities or groups to share experiences and make new friends.
  • Relax and enjoy: Don’t forget that summer should also be a time for relaxation. Enjoy every minute in the water!

Summer preparation for water sports enthusiasts is the key to a successful and enjoyable season. With the right preparation, you can ensure that you are not only fit and ready, but also that you spend your time in the water safely and with maximum enjoyment.

Useful links for water sports enthusiasts:

Let’s look forward together to a fantastic summer season in which we can live out our passion for water sports to the full!

Image credits: Manie Van der Hoven on Pixabay; Kamaleeon on istock; Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernández on Unsplash

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