Valentina Cafolla breaks the world record for apnea diving under ice

Croatian freediver Valentina Cafolla has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in apnea diving under ice with a world record. On February 23, 2024, she set a new world record in an impressive dive under the ice of Lake Antholz in South Tyrol. With a distance of 140 meters, she surpassed the previous record of Yasuko Ozeki from Japan by a remarkable 14 meters(The Scuba News)(DIVE Magazine).

This record attempt was not only remarkable because of the distance. The following day, February 24, Cafolla set another milestone by becoming the first female freediver to set a record with double fins. She swam a distance of 80 meters, a first in this discipline of free diving under ice(The Scuba News).

Valentina Cafolla has regained the world record in apnea diving under ice, which she had lost to Ozeki just 36 hours earlier, demonstrating Cafolla’s extraordinary resilience and athletic ability. She was supported by SEAC, a diving equipment manufacturer, which provided her with the necessary equipment(CMAS)(DiveNewswire).

Valentina Cafolla, known for her dedication and passion for the sport, shared her emotions and gratitude towards her team and supporters on social media. This success not only underlines her personal best, but also highlights the extreme nature and challenges of freediving under ice(DIVE Magazine).

With this latest success, Cafolla underlines its position as one of the leading personalities in the field of freediving. Their achievements are inspiring a new generation of divers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the water and explore the fascinating world under the ice.

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