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Preparing for the outdoor swimming season in summer

Summer is just around the corner and we are now looking forward to finally visiting the outdoor pools, rivers and lakes for a swim again. Outdoor swimming is a great way to enjoy nature and stay fit. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the outdoor swimming season.

The right equipment

The right equipment is crucial if you want to jump into the water well prepared. In addition to your swimsuit or swimming trunks, you should have isotonic drinks with you, especially if you want to swim longer distances. A wetsuit can also be useful if you want to do more endurance training or because the water is colder. Please make sure that you use good, clean swimming goggles so that you always have a clear view. This will prevent any injuries or collisions. If you go swimming on fresh days or very early in the morning, thermal coats such as the“DryRobe” are ideal for keeping you warm after swimming.

Safety first

Safety should always be the top priority when swimming outdoors. It is important to find out about the conditions at the swimming location and to be aware of any dangers such as currents or water temperatures. Simple safety rules, such as never swimming alone and carrying a buoy for visibility, can save lives. You can get a simple floating buoy from Decathlon for little money. A really good invention is the Restube, a floating buoy that inflates itself in an emergency.

The best swimming destinations

Summer offers many great places for outdoor swimmers. At you will find lots of inspiration on where you can swim in the lake! On its website “VisitBerlin”, the city of Berlin advertises its numerous summer baths and river baths, which are perfect for a refreshing dip in the big city(visitBerlin). These places often offer amenities such as slides, diving platforms and even playgrounds, making them ideal for family outings.

Training and technology

Another aspect of preparing for the outdoor swimming season is training. Simple workouts in the pool can improve endurance and technique, making the swimming experience more enjoyable(Outdoor Swimmer Magazine). There are also numerous tips and advice from experienced swimmers that can help improve swimming technique and endurance.


With the right preparation, the outdoor swimming season in summer can be a wonderful experience. From the right equipment and safety precautions to choosing the best swimming destinations – with these tips, you’ll be well prepared to enjoy the cool water.

You can find more great tips on outdoor swimming at: Adventure Books by Vertebrate Publishing(in English), at OpenWaterSchwimmen and at

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