Welcome to FlipSoc

Welcome to FlipSoc – the revolution in the world of water sports clothing. My name is Gunnar, founder of FlipSoc and a passionate swimmer and diver. Two years ago, I began my mission to overcome a fundamental hurdle for surfers, swimmers and divers worldwide: the hassle of putting on wetsuits.

The idea for FlipSoc came from my own experiences in the water and the shared difficulties of my water sports community. Although wetsuits offer excellent protection and insulation, anyone who has ever worn one knows how challenging they can be to put on and take off. Inspired by this everyday problem, I developed a dressing aid that not only makes the process easier, but also saves time and preserves the durability of the suits.

Since its market launch two years ago, the FlipSoc has revolutionized the way wetsuits are put on. Our donning aid is the result of intensive research, development and countless tests in real-life conditions. It is designed for everyone who loves the water – from amateur surfers to ambitious swimmers and professional divers.

FlipSoc is about more than just products. It’s about supporting a passion, a love of water and the community that unites us all. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the freedom and joy of water sports without unnecessary obstacles.

Discover on our website how the FlipSoc can change your water sports experience. Immerse yourself in our world, get to know our history and find out how our dressing aid was developed to make your life easier.